September 22, 2015

Photo Feature: Benedict Redgrove's Bertone Museum Visit

Take a look at the stunning photography from Benedict Redgrove of the insane designs from Gruppo Bertone.

   British photographer Benedict Redgrove had the amazing opportunity to take a look inside Italian automotive design firm Bertone.

"I was allowed to move the cars into areas I found that worked well with the design of both building and car’ redgrove tells designboom ‘they very kindly let me drive the lancia stratos prototype which you stepped into via the front glass panel, fell back into the seat, then pulled the steering column between your legs and then pulled the glass front down onto you. it was an amazing thing to behold and extremely hot, like sitting in a gold mobile greenhouse."

Bertone is my favorite automotive designer (post on that later) and his concept cars are exceptional. His amazing work combined with Redgrove's stellar photography is a complete visual treat.

What are your thoughts on these concept cars?

Images by Benedict Redgrove

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