September 24, 2015

Photo Feature: Rally RA64 Toyota Celica

Take a look at John Rood's Rally'ed out Celica.

   I've recently became more interested in rally cars, home made ones specifically. The idea of turning your car into an off road race ready machine really intrigues me, visually to be more specific. Adding a small lift to your sports car, mud flaps, and external lights really gives off a good look, Just look at John's for example. I originally noticed rally styled "street cars" when I came across a picture of a Mazda Miata lifted with some mud flaps and a couple of vinyls slapped on. It really gave me a new outlook on the Miata, and most sports to be exact. I just think visually it really creates a fun looking car and a quite exciting one too. Definitely on the future list of things to do. Create a rally style car.
You can read the article on this build here.

Images from Stance Works by Patrick Ernzen

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